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APOEL eye their place in history

The standard football cliches have been out in full force in Nicosia in the last few weeks.

APOEL's win against FC Porto put them top of Group G

As the Cypriot press runs headlines like "APOEL Among the Stars", "APOEL - I Have Lost my Mind" and "Living the Dream" to name a few, players and coaching staff at APOEL Nicosia have repeatedly tried to play down expectations of qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League.

The comments emanating from the Cypriot champions have all followed a very similar format. The expected "we're not thinking about the group table, we'll just give 100% in every game and see what happens" has featured, followed closely by the ... Read more »

Category: Apoel FC | Views: 2397 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 22/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Opponent the cold

One of the reasons the degree of difficulty of the match with Zenit is the largest to date in the course of the group is the polar cold that prevails in the Russian city. You can avoid outrageous temperatures of -10 or -20 degrees Celsius, but as shown in the relevant provision of the next day accuweather weather conditions are unfamiliar and difficult for our team.

... Read more »
Category: Apoel FC | Views: 709 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 21/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Μέσα και ο Πουρσαϊτίδης

Οι εκτιμήσεις που έλεγαν ότι ο Πουρσαϊτίδης θα προλάβει τον αγώνα με  τη Ζενίτ επιβεβαιώνονται αφού ο αμυντικός μας πέρασε το κρίσιμο τεστ της σημερινής προπόνησης. Ο ακραίος αμυντικός συμμετείχε κανονικά στην τελευταία προπόνηση επί κυπριακού εδάφους , χωρίς να αισθανθεί ενοχλήσεις στον τετρακέφαλο. Οι εντάσεις της προπονήσεις δεν ήταν όπως αυτές που θα επιφορτιστεί το βράδυ της Τετάρτης αλλά κρίνονται αρκετές για να θεωρηθεί σχεδόν βέβαιη η συμμετοχή του. Στο μεσοδιάστημα θα συνεχιστούν οι φυσιοθεραπείες έτσι ώστε να μην υπάρξει κάποιο απρόοπτο

Η αποστολή θα αναχωρήσει λίγο πριν τις 4 το απόγευμα και η διάρκεια της πτήσης αναμένεται να είναι 5 ώρες. Το ζητούμενο για τους παίκτες είναι να εξοικειωθούν με το κρύο αφού την Τετάρτη η θερμοκρασία στην καλύτερ ... Read more »

Category: Apoel FC | Views: 751 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 21/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Will Zenit block APOEL's path into history books ???

APOEL FC visit FC Zenit St Petersburg knowing victory would take them into the last 16 for the first time but the Russian side's home record suggests that may prove easier said than done.

APOEL FC have a piece of history within their grasp as they visit FC Zenit St Petersburg in their penultimate Group G fixture.

• The surprise section leaders, APOEL can become the first Cypriot team to secure a place in the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League by beating Zenit, while even a draw might suffice depending on the result ... Read more »

Category: Apoel FC | Views: 810 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 18/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Light at end of tunnel for Almeida

It may not be given final absence of Ailton Almeida in the Wednesday game with Zenit since, as we learn the recovery of Brazilian evolving ideal way. He does not intend to be absent from the new major European appointments and as she confides in his close environment is ready to lead the offensive effort in the frozen Petrofski.


... Read more »

Category: Apoel FC | Views: 1767 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 17/Nov/2011 | Comments (1)

Let only be Boaventoura

The next 3-4 weeks are considered by most as the most decisive in this year since it will determine whether we will manage to achieve the unique and historic achievement of qualifying for 16 of the Champions League. During this period should also be careful to reduce the gap from the top while there are a number of difficult matches in the league but t ... Read more »
Category: Apoel FC | Views: 3001 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 15/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Out for another 3-4 weeks Boaventura

Here we expected to obtain something positive for the Almeida came bad news for Boaventoura since according to what state the site of Super Sport Fm Brazilian will have to undergo a knee arthroscopy. The pain he feels for days .. finally recede and no medical value fit to undergo surgery in order to provide a definitive solution to the problem that plagued the ... Read more »
Category: Apoel FC | Views: 1088 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 14/Nov/2011 | Comments (0)

Transfers? The roster is full!

Every November and December, we asked for transcripts in view January. Once escapes while urging the coach and the administration to proceed without a second thought to bring young players. Now our position is different. We see and appreciate that the current roster is both qualitative and complete tha ... Read more »
Category: Apoel FC | Views: 3663 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 14/Nov/2011 | Comments (1)

Critical day for Almeida

Those who watched the match on the Porto, at some point in the second half seemed to ache and dragging for a few seconds a leg. The heart of all of us went into place as early as shown by Almeida defeated the pain until 77 when he was replaced by Giachits. Since the Brazilian suffering from pains in the adductor, which di ... Read more »
Category: Apoel FC | Views: 4258 | Added by: AndrosPapa | Date: 14/Nov/2011 | Comments (3)