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Main » 2011 » November » 14 » Transfers
1:07 PM
Transfers? The roster is full!

Every November and December, we asked for transcripts in view January. Once escapes while urging the coach and the administration to proceed without a second thought to bring young players. Now our position is different. We see and appreciate that the current roster is both qualitative and complete that does not require any other additions to redo APOEL champion. Besides the above terms do not forget that to get somebody to release a player from the current roster something unlikely to happen.

An analysis of the potential has the chance to manage Ivan further reinforces the view that not only is there a huge potential of the existing players, but requires them to do everything possible to play and time in the Champions League.

Starting with the goalkeepers, we have come to not get frustrated because Dionysis Chiotis is outside the group. This along with Parnto are the best can ask a coach third option the most experienced now Jay. We do not want that any other goalkeeper.

The lateral defenders, we Poursaitidi, Solomos right Boaventoura, Alexander, left, and Elijah can play both positions. By May, can comfortably these players to get comfortable with the league. Not even here there is a need to add another.

The Oliveira, Kaka, Georges and when needed the Giachits complement to the above requirements who wants the center of defense and there is no reason to get another player. Pinto, Morais, Giachits Satsias and can cover the two positions, and as we now Task two players on a location, and Marsinio Belaint. We're talking about a total of six players for three positions in midfield and it is excessive to anyone looking for another addition.

Go to the aggressive edges where we have Manduca, Triskofski, Charalambides Atorno. That's better for a Cyprus team with two of them to stay on the bench, unless Ivan continue to put the attack in Triskofski. Whether alone or with Ailton. But if you play with two strikers, then left over a midfielder, and gone also as an alternative.

The Ailton and Solari are aggressive options by adding Triskofski, so it is argued that for the first time APOEL not burned, nor need another transfer in January.
In conclusion we have a roster with 23 total players who are the strongest ever squad that made APOEL. The have been some gaps does not necessarily mean that the solution is the translational aid as always the key will be called by the so-called qualitative pagkites. The only reason to have to be transcribed in January, only if you leave one of the 23 or unpleasant event, which result in serious injuries. Otherwise, we stay with them and asking them for granted. APOEL go up and finish on top this coming May.
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